Village Market Vendors  

Fresh organic greens are a big draw year round at the Market. Whenever possible (season & weather permitting) they are locally grown. At other times of the year they are imported. Locally-grown root vegetables are available at the Market throughout much of the year.

Farmers and Gardeners

FARM: Mike Lanigan, certified biodynamic vegetables and imported certified organic fruits and vegetables all year round.

FARM: Country Meadows organic olives and olive oil, goat and sheep cheeses, etc.

FARMER: Earth Haven Farm biodynamic farmers from Tweed Ontario, raise vegetables, mushroooms and beef.

FARM: Jim and Maureen Giffen, Edencrest Farm sell regularly at the Market year round. They have root and garden vegetables, fresh local greenhouse greens all winter as well as beef and chicken. The Giffens farm near Minesing, between Barrie and Collingwood. Certified organic.

FARM: Bio-Visions Farm organic grass-fed beef and other meats from Grand Valley. Farmer Henk Verhoeven.

FARM: Elizabeth Foers, grows organic sprouts and nursery trees on her farm near Cookstown.

FARM: Lieberthal Family, Organic beef, lamb, chicken, yogurt, milk, maple syrup.

FARM: Peter Seenath is a certified organic market gardener from Brampton.

FARMER: Kind Organics is a local grower of many kinds of organic sprouts, in the Holland Marsh

FARM: Linda Kapeleris Certified organic heirloom vegetables & seeds, herbs, handmade soaps, etc.

GARDEN: Urban Harvest: Organic bedding plants such as herbs and vegetables, grown locally in Toronto. Also organic seeds.

FARMER: Mohammed Ali Zare, of Tally Bees farms and keeps bees near Port Hope aims to be here every other week now. Now also offering Iranian vegetables and smoothies made from organic ingredients.

FARMER: Secret Lands Farm sells Russian-style sheep milk cheese, kefir and yogurts made from the milk from their own sheep. Secret Lands farms near Proton Station. Secret Lands farm is working towards organic certificatioin.

FARMER: John Morgado: sells hot and super-hot pepper plants for your garden as well as hot peppers he has grown on his own.

FARMER: Art and Sue Reimer sells wine made from their own organic grapes.


Cafe and Ready to Eat Food Vendors

CAFE: Mayda Baghboudrian offers raw entrees to eat at the Market as well as take-home prepared foods

CAFE: ARWK (Steve and Cecille) Carribean style wraps and roti, sorrel drinks and baking (not every week)

CAFE: Gaille Lieberthal Organic coffee, homemade cakes, vegetarian entrees, etc.

CAFE: Vitold Kreutzer, organic-grain brownies, date squares & several types of cookies

CAFE: Chaim and Cherylin Gilad, Healthy coffee with beneficial mushroom ingredients.

CAFE: Stephanie Tucci: cold pressed juices and milks made from organic ingredients

CAFE: Mrs. Abbas (not every week): Indian style food made from organic ingredients

CAFE: Molly B’s Gluten-Free Kitchen - delicious hot euro-style crepes and omelettes, gluten-free, vegan, with exotic toppings. Gluten-Free Dry Mixes (crepes, waffles, pancakes, tea bread, pie crust). Gluten-Free Baked Goods (butter raisin tarts, lemon tarts, mini-quiches, etc.) Take-home fresh or frozen. Custom orders and cooking classes.


Other Food Vendors

Olga Ullmann (not every week): body ecology fermented foods and starter

Honeycombe Botanicals: fresh pollen, propolis, beeswax candles, creams, honey.

Baker Vitold Kreutzer, organic-grain breads, yeasted and yeast-free spelt, kamut, rye, brownies, muffins, large cookies, date squares, etc.

Molly B’s Gluten-Free Kitchen & Gourmet Organic Spreads, jams,marmalades, chutneys, pasta sauce. Gluten-Free Dry Mixes (crepes, waffles, pancakes, tea bread, pie crust). Gluten-Free Baked Goods (butter raisin tarts, lemon tarts, mini-quiches, etc.) Himalayan Crystal Salt Products by Lumiere de Sol. New Chapter Supplements. Take-home fresh or frozen. Custom orders and cooking classes

Purejoy Organics, lauryl-sulfate-free shampoo, organic pumpkin seed oil coming soon.


Skin Care, Cleaning, Crafts, Therapy

Honeycombe Botanicals: fresh pollen, propolis, beeswax candles, creams, honey.

Sole to Soul Healing and Reflexology (not every week), reflexology using aromatherapy oils.

Below: Vegan Pizza made fresh in the TWS oven.


Some of Farmer Mike Lanigan's fresh local organic greens (May 13th).



Farmer Achim Mohssem-Beyk comes to the Market from Prince Edward county.

Above: Glad to have spring produce back

Tagua Nut Jewellery



Above: Examples of produce from the May 20th Market.

Dael Wilson inhaling the delicate bouquet of his wild leeks.



Above: Farmer Mike Lanigan with helper Megumi from Japan, who is helping out for a while at Mike's Farmhouse Garden near Uxbridge.


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