Previous Special Events: Updated July 20, 2015  
  Have a look to see what type of events we have featured in the past:

Vendors Confirmed for the Nov. 14th Candlelight Craft Market:

Armand Grandinetti - Wooden Toys which he has made

Bob Bainborough -- Beeswax Candles in many shapes and sizes

Manori -- Popular imported Indian-style scarves and other textiles

Barefoot Books -- a great selection of story books for children

Mila Tzur -- original photo greeting cards

Annie Van Dyk -- paper-cut crafts and decorations

New additions to the list of vendors for CCM 2015 (as of Nov. 7th):

Mrs. Kulsoom Abbas and her granddaugher Noor will be selling Mrs. Abbas' Lemon preserves and new cookbook, and also Noor's handmade hairbands and hand crafted organic chocolates

Lili Golbous offers hand-made crafts and purses, etc

Joanne Zhao sells pop-up greeting cards and wooden toy animals

Isis Haynos-Owen is twelve and makes little gnomes and other peg dolls, and their homes!

Plus craft vendors who will be downstairs in the regular Market space:

Earth Haven Farm will bring hand made native crafts, including drums, dreamcatchers, etc.

German Sanchez will have Peruvian crafts including hats and more

Elyse Pomeranz will bring her fairies to the market. They are individually made with needle felted wool, plant dyed silk, acorns and hand painted wings. Elyse also will bring a few special necklaces. She makes a small collection of them at this time of year, using beads collected over a lifetime from all over the world.

Birgitta Adrian-Morley will have hand-made soaps and skin lotion

Dael Wilson will have Nepalese buddhist-related artifacts and ceremonial objects. Dael brought these home from a recent mountain climbing expedition. So these are not something you'll find at the Market regularly.

NOW WITH CANDLE DIPPING for parents and children 10 am - 12:30 pm

PLUS: TWS Open House also on November 14th from 10:00 am - 1 pm, including:

Puppet Show "A Home for the Winter" by former TWS early childhood teacher Diane Goldsmith. The puppet show lasts for about 20 minutes and will be performed twice, at 11:00 am and 12 noon. It is suitable for children aged 3 to 7. The performance will take place in one of the TWS Early Childhood classrooms. Follow the signs.

Paper Star Making (for a hospital cancer ward) with Anna Gruda in the Art Room

Art Sale of Student Paintings with Anna Gruda in the Art Room


What trees have to tell us

By artist and tree listener, Elyse Pomeranz

The great Oracle at Delphi was a community who devoted their lives to the work of being the voice of the gods. They were able to live and be conscious both in this world of the senses and in the mysterious worlds across the threshold of life and death.

Two Streams of Time

In our time where do we turn to hear the higher voices that guide us towards the unknown? How do we relate to what we call the future? Rudolf Steiner describes two streams of time. The first is that which flows from the past to the present. This is the stream where we, out of experience, can think about what we know, what has “already happened” in the outer waking world.

The second stream of time he suggests, astonishingly, arrives in the present from the future. How can we perceive it or form a relationship with it? Steiner speaks about the human capacity to develop Imagination as an organ of perception. As the human eye “sees” visible light and objects revealed by it….the human heart can become an organ of perception….Imaginative Cognition is the term that he uses to describe the activity of the heart using Imagination to “perceive” the stream of time arriving from the future.

We often say dismissively “ Oh that’s just your imagination.” As if to say, that has no value, you’ve “invented” that or “made that up” and in fact there is an aspect of inner activity that is fantasy based where we think about what we might like to have or do. This is something that arises in us and we might project it out into the world. Imaginative Cognition is NOT the same as fantasy but rather it is a receptive, perceptive listening.

Art as Divination

For the last thirty years I have been researching Art as a form of divination, where, as with the oracles at Delphi, a question can be posed and through an artistic process wisdom can be invoked . The activity of participating in the art process builds capacities of Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition. The art itself “speaks” and can be observed in ways that allow the meaning to be communicated. These three capacities of Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition, are no longer haphazard, chance experiences but rather capacities that can be called on for any activity involving thinking, feeling and creating.

Trees Communicate with us through Images

My most recent research in this area began about three years ago when I had an idea to work with a tree through meditation/visualization and to “ask” the tree what it might like to show on paper with line and colour. I “listened” to the response, trusting the image/thought that came to me. I did this for several hours slowly building up a picture. (I use Derwent Inktense pencils for this work which can be used as a drawing pencil which is wetted, allowed to dry and drawn over again  ) The result was intriguing and I moved over to a second tree, it was the same type ( Silver Maple about 60 years old) that grew nearby….the second picture was dramatically different from the first.
There were two more trees growing in proximity and I did the same thing with each. Again there was an astonishing variety between the pictures…this raised many questions and set me off on a journey that included working with trees as old as 2000 years ( an oak in Glastonbury , England). I have about 200 of these tree “conversations” in art. I have worked with trees in urban settings as well as rural/wild areas in the United States ( New York City), England ( London and also Hereford, Glastonbury, Avebury etc.), Wales, Ireland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Guatemala and Canada ( the Toronto area).

Functions of Various Trees

A tree will have a certain “function” that it performs on behalf of a certain area and they also have a “personality” or tree spirit.   I am discovering that the trees of a certain species, say Oak, which have many varieties ,do have certain tendencies to be “STORYTELLERS” who offer images/stories and also seem to be interested in the “news” of the world.
I find that trees will sometimes show me something about human activity that is taking place near where it is growing. One example was a Linden tree in Slovenia that I was able to return to after an initial brief conversation ( I was constrained by travelling with a group who had to leave that site at a certain time)   . I discovered under its canopy a group of local people dressed in traditional costume, playing local instruments and singing and dancing! I realized that this was a celebratory tree that participated in local culture and traditions!! I was taken back to be shown the “meaning” of the image I had received from the tree.
I have worked with a wide variety of trees including Linden, Maple (many different kinds including the Sycamore or Plane trees in London), Beech, Cypress, Cedar of Lebanon, Pine, Fig, Olive, Mango, Avocado, Hocote ( unique to Guatemala) and more.
  Some trees seem to be participating in what I would call a global network of tree being/consciousness and they are able to offer/facilitate new thoughts/imaginations to human beings in response to our questions and  conflicts. I feel that our relationship with trees is a vast and rich resource that through collaboration and this new form of “divination” or listening communication can infuse our thinking about world problems AND ALSO PERSONAL problems to a new level.
Finally, I am delighted to report that trees also seem to have a very good sense of humor! I have come to enjoy what I call “Tree jokes! Certain trees, in particular ,the very old( 300 years plus) Oaks in Sweden, can enjoy having a joke at my expense!!!!
I invite you to open yourself to trees to explore new dimensions of relationship. I have started to work with groups, introducing one way of connecting with the inner world of trees! Many people that I meet have a story of a certain tree that was important in their life, a tree “confidante”. I was laughing with another tree enthusiast as we imagined parades in the future, much like the gay pride parades of today, but instead they will be for all the people “ coming out of the woods”. Tree lovers of all ages, religions, races and nationalities!!!

Help promote the event! Download the poster, print it out and post it up in your community.


The final speaking lineup for Seedy Saturday on March 7th is:

10:00am - Julie Hordowick and Leslie Gilbert, Region of York, "Home Composting and Waste Reduction"
11:00am - Cathy Nesbitt, Cathy's Crawly Composters, "The Wonders of Worms and Simplicity of Sprouts"
12:00pm - Jane Kabarguina, "Yoga for Gardeners"

The event is free but a donation to YRFN is appreciated. Organic vegetable and flower seeds will be available for purchase. There will also be a seed and gardening book exchange table, and a table where the Lake Simcoe South Master Gardeners will be offering free gardening advice.


Photos from Candlelight Craft Markets earlier this season:



Candlelight Craft Market

Like we did back in 2013 and 2010, the Village Market is going to be hosting a small craft market upstairs in the school lobby during regular Village Market hours, through Dec. 20.

Come on up and see what's our crafters have created. Hosted by the Village Market.Vendors please email to reserve your spaces:

I will be updating the list below as reservations come in:

Dec. 6: Bob Bainborough (candles), Anokha Leewu, Wendy Cho (illustrator of animal and child themed art, Lili Golbous (handmade textile crafts), Yelena (Waldorf inspired all-natural felt toys), Mila Tzur (photos and crystals), Armand Grandinetti (wooden toys), Think Ed makes and sells educational toys

Dec 13: Elyse Pomeranz (fairies, etchings, jewellery), Wendy Cho (illustrator of animal and child themed art, Polina Gohshtein, (Barefoot Books for children), Lilies of the Field (doll outfits in addition to ruffle pillows, aprons, and chic hair clips), Mila Tzur (photos and crystals),

Dec 20: Elyse Pomeranz (fairies, etchings, jewellery), Bob Bainborough (candles), Wendy Cho (illustrator of animal and child themed art, Mila Tzur (photos and crystals), Think Ed makes and sells educational toys, Armand Grandinetti (wooden toys),





















Sunday, June 1, 2014 10am-2pm. Farm Tour at Jim and Maureen Giffen's Edencrest Farm, near Minesing, a little north of Barrie. There will be wagon rides, refreshments, games, baby chicks hatching, new born calves, kittens, a free barbeque, and a lot of fun! You can see where your food starts, how it is raised and grown, and we are here to answer any of your questions. Why not make a day of it and visit Edencrest. Fun for the whole family! FREE!

Sunday August 17, 2014 at 2:30 pm, Village Market farmer Mike Lanigan will host a farm tour at his Farmhouse Garden near Uxbridge. Mike will give a guided tour and wagon ride. There will be animals to see. All friends and customers of the Village Market are welcome. FREE.

  Like we did back in 2010, the Village Market is going to be hosting a small craft market upstairs in the school lobby during regular Village Market hours, on Dec 14 and Dec 21, 2013. Come on up and see what's our crafters have created. Hosted by the Village Market.  


Bread baking workshop with Vitold Kreutzer, Sat. June 9th

Village Market baker Vitold Kreutzer will offer an introduction to bread baking at a special workshop following the Market at 1:45 pm on Saturday June 9th.

Explore the world of baking using organic ingredients, either for your own family, or on a commercial scale. Bring your questions and your energy, and listen to Vitold's practical insights into the theory and practice of baking.

The workshop will include a lecture portion and a hands-on demonstration of baking procedures and techniques, as well as a discussion of potential opportunities for aspiring bakers to provide a service to the community.

Space is limited. $10 advance payment will hold your place. Sign up with Vitold at the Market on Saturdays.


Hidden Health Hazards of EMFs Workshop with Dr. Howard Fischer, March 6, 2010


Body Ecology Diet Workshop with Oli Ullmann, Nov. 7 & 14, 2009

Above: Oli Ullmann making fermented coconut cheese during a Body Ecology Diet class at her home.

Course details to be finalized. Here's some info from one of Oli's previous Body Ecology workshops:

with Oli Ullmann, Certified Body Ecologist

The Village Market, 9100 Bathurth street, Thornhill

What is the Body Ecology Diet?

The Body Ecology Diet is an increasingly popular way of eating that promotes intestinal health and restored balance in the body’s inner ecosystem. The book by Donna Gates which started it all back in 1994, The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity, is now in its 10th edition. The Body Ecology Diet brings together seven pillars of the holistic health field. It is gluten-free, casein(dairy)-free, sugar-free and yeast-free, but it goes further than that: the most important component of the Diet is the use of fermented drinks, “cheese” and vegetables that anyone can make at home. These fermented foods have such powerful pro-biotic properties that they can reduce or even eliminate the need for expensive drugs or pro-biotic powder preparations.

Benefits: Who can be helped by the Body Ecology Diet?

This diet is recommended for people with many different health conditions. Benefits include better absorption of nutrients, elimination of sugar cravings and mood swings, strengthened immune system and adrenals, and improved brain function such as increased focus, clarity of thought and creativity. The Body Ecology Diet book is described as “a must-read for anyone who wants to be healthy or who is exhausted, overweight or has digestive problems, [or] candida, viral infections, cancer, or neurological disorders such ADD, Autism, Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis.” Many testimonials can be found at . See also articles about Oli Ullmann, the workshop presenter, at and .

Besides reading the book, where can one get practical advice about the Diet?

Workshop participants can watch the fermented foods being made and get their questions answered by the “go-to” Body Ecology expert in Canada, Oli Ullmann. Oli’s practical demonstration is the best tool how to learn a new cooking/fermenting skills. After the workshop you will be ready to use this skills in your kitchen.

Here's some information from a previous workshop:


Part I: APRIL 11 - Body Ecology Principles & Practical Demo on Making Kefir and Cheese from Young Coconut
You will be introduced to the Seven Principles of the Body Ecology Diet and will leave with a good idea of what you need to begin your journey to wellness. With the cooking demonstration you will learn how to make very potent probiotic drinks - delicious Young Coconut KEFIR and Young Coconut CHEESE.

Part II: APRIL 25 - Learn to Balance Your Intestinal Flora & Making Cultured Pro-Biotic Vegetables
In this class we will talk about the importance of pro-biotic food (literally means "pro-life") , and how to balance your intestinal flora. Nutrients in fermented vegetables are more bio-available, and easier to digest than raw or cooked foods. They enhance overall functioning of our digestive systems. With the cooking demonstration you will learn how to make very potent probiotic vegetable, and how you can save hundreds of dollars on probiotic supplements. You will take home a 500 ml jar of fermented vegetables.

Workshop cost: $45 for each morning or $85 if you register for two sessions, includes food sampling.The number of participants will be limited to optimize participation in the discussions, so early registration is encouraged. Full refund available for cancellations received at least 7 days before the workshop. To register, or for more information, contact Oli 905-833-0323, or at .

The Village Market, 9100 Bathurth St., Thornhill, in the community room downstairs by the market space

NOTE: Please, don’t wear any perfumes or fragrant cosmetics to the courses.

Donna Gates' Body Ecology Diet Website is Featuring Oli Ullman and the Village in the following two articles:


Indian Cooking classes with Mrs. Kulsoom Abbas, July 18, 2009

Photo above: Mrs. Abbas with one of the students at an earlier Indian cooking workshop at the Village Market

Talk to Mrs. Abbas at the Market for detail s and cost for her current course offerings.

As a sample, here are some classes she has offered in the past:

First class is on April 11, 2009
In these classes you learn three items:

First Dish: Curry
Second Dish: Indian or Pakistani Raita or salad
Third Item is Rice or Roti.

Class #1
April 11, 2009 from 10:30 am till 1:30 pm

Vegetable curry with Fenugreek
Yogurt with potatoes raita
Cumin spiced Rice

Class #2
April 25, 2009 from 10:30 am till 1:30pm

Butter Curry sauce Vegetables
Onion and Tomato raita
Plain roti with Spelt flour

May class dates (menus to be announced):

May 9, 2009 from 10:30 till 1:30 pm
May 30, 2009 from 10:30 am till 1:30pm

More dates and menus TBA
These classes are going to be continued until November 2009, every month I will be offering two classes.

Come to the Market's Sweet 17 Party November 2, 8 pm to midnight

Featuring Waldorf's own rock and roll dance band, The Elementals, with opening act "Nude Universe". Nude Universe features several of the students who work at the Market (Maaor Ziv, Max Lucas and Ryan Hill). This will be their first public performance (8:00 to 8:45, so come on time). The Elementals will play from nine to midnight. Tickets will be on sale this week at the Market, October 18th, and possibly at the door, if there are any left.



Indian Cooking Class, Sept 26th, with Mrs. Abbas

Cooking Class on September 26th, 2008 at the Village Market. Please sign up at the booth or email Mrs. Abbas at Time: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, Fee: $40.00,Topic: Mixed Vegetable Korma (Curry), Saffron Pilau (Rice Dish)

Mike Lanigan's Farm Tour, Father's Day Sunday June 15, 1 pm

See how your vegetables are grown at the Farmhouse Garden. Ride in a horse-drawn wagon. See farm machinery in action. See chickens, pigs, donkeys and cows in their farm habitats. Tour the fields and hear how modern organic farming is done nowadays on a commercial scale operation like Mike's. Mike's farm is located just east of the intersection of Davis Drive (Hwy 9) and Lakeridge Road, near Uxbridge. It's about an hour northeast of the Market.

Are You Ready? Garry Tibbo Wed. June 4th, 7pm, 2008

Emergency preparedness expert Garry Tibbo will share his insights and strategies for maximizing your personal and family health and safety through a discussion on nutrition, food growing and storage, land ownership concerns and energy self-reliance. All this will take place in the Toronto Waldorf School Music Room (in the new wing) 7 pm on Wed June 4th. $20.


Farm Tour at the Farm of Achim Mohssem-Beyk June 24th, 2007

EFAO Central Group Renewable Energy - Co-op Farm Tour (Picton)June 24th -Pot Luck lunch at 12:00 noon to be held at Reachview Farm, home of Achim Mohssen-Beyk 2130 County Rd. 7. Reachview Farm is off-grid and generates its own power with a windmill and solar panels. The farm produces organic meat from sheep, goats, geese, ducks, quail and chicken. Vegetables are grown and oats, peas and barley are cash crops. Most crops are sold in a co-operative marketing venture. The farm also has a B&B . Tour the farm and learn about whichever of these topics interests you. Reachview Farm is on the road between Picton and the Glenora Ferry. For information, call 613 476-0158.

Wednesday Evenings with Garry Tibbo talking about Emergency Preparedness

May 23, 30, June 2, 9, 2007 at 7 pm in the Music Room at TWS

Electricity, water, food, shelter. If these are interrupted, what will you do, what can you do? My native heritage, health issues and personal challenges made me take a good hard look at self sufficiency and self reliance. Failing to plan is planning to fail. On the other had--successful planning is planning for success. Changes in our environment are certain and coming whether you are ready or not. I can introduce you to some simple things that anyone can afford over a reasonable amount of time: knowledge, wisdom, books and tools. Our government advises preperation for 72 hours. I say three weeks, how about three months or as long as you want. I thank God for the wisdom I have been granted and am able to share. Respect to all. I am also available for other speaking engagements regarding self sufficiency and self reliance. I can be reached at 416-740-6668 during business hours Monday - Thursday. —Garry Tibbo

Here's a bit more about what Garry will be covering each evening:

May 23 – DIET: Garry talks about how to become healthy and stay healthy through eating right. Garry has put together some unique insights into diet through a wide-ranging study and through experimenting on himself. Garry’s approach is very low-budget, highly local, and involves growing your own and gathering from wild trees and plants. When you meet him, you’ll see that Garry is one seriously healthy guy.

May 30 – TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES: Garry introduces many simple products and tools that can be of strategic importance for cooking, water purification and for other vital life-support functions under emergency conditions.

June 6 – GARDENING: Gary grows most of his own food for a family of four in the yard around his normal suburban home in Etobicoke. His annual bought-food bill is $30 a week. Learn about Garry’s intensive gardening methods that minimize the work and maximize the production.

June 13 – BUYING LAND IN NORTHERN ONTARIO: Find out why the Sudbury basin has the cleanest water around. Why does David Wolfe own land in Northern Ontario? Why are Mennonite farmers from St. Jacobs area moving to farm around Sudbury? Why should you care about owning timber and mineral rights? Learn how to shop for Northern Ontario property from someone who bought 640 acres for $20,000.

Sessions with Garry Tibbo Wednesdays May 23, 30, June 6, 13, 2007, in the Music Room at the Toronto Waldorf School, 9100 Bathurst Street, about one mile north of Hwy 7/407 and one traffic light south of Rutherford Rd./Carrville Rd. Sponsored by The Village Market (in the Toronto Waldorf School, 9100 Bathurst St, Thornhill). The Village Market is an Organic Farmers Market open Saturdays 8:30 to 1:30.

Garry Tibbo talking about Emergency Preparedness February 25th, 2007

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