Candlelight Craft Market Nov. 12

NOV 12 CANDLELIGHT CRAFT MARKET, with craft, toy and textile vendors, free face painting from 10 am to 1 pm and free puppet show at 10:30 am. Craft market hours 8 to 1:30, same as the regular downstairs Village Market. Photo below: Manoir will be at the Nov. 12th Craft Market with Indian textiles like those in the photo. Details on Events page.


Above: Young craft maker Noor Ravzi with her little sister at the Candlelight Craft Fair Nov. 12. Noor will be back at the Christmas Craft Market Dec. 17th.

  Left: Biodynamic farmer Mike Lanigan's son Rowan with celery from Mike's farm. Now it is November, and the celery season will be soon coming to an end although there was still a stack of Farmhouse-Garden-grown celery at the Nov. 5th Village Market. Right: Amanda washes vegetables for the Global TV cameraman at Mike Lanigan's Farmhouse Garden biodynamic farm, as part of a feature on Mike's apprentice program. Watch that three-minute news clip here.

Local biodynamic orange and purple carrots grown by farmer Mike Lanigan. Photo Oct. 29, 2016.


LUCAS SORBARA'S Caravan Coffee Co. classic 1967 VW Microbus camper in the parking lot where Lucas will be serving organic coffees, lattes and cappuccinos in the parking lot while weather permits.



Farmer Mike Lanigan with his youngest son, Natie, who came to the Village Market to help his dad and his two older brothers on Feb. 4th, 2017.


Phil Natiuk (left) wearing the custom hat that textile maker Lili Golbous (right) made for him in Feb. 2017.


Read Elyse Pomeranz's presentation to the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) on behalf of trees slated for removal to make way for development in Richmond Hill

Read Armin Kluge's report on his recent 10th anniversary trip to his school in Cambodia.




Biodynamic egglant, from Mike Lanigan's farm.


Biodynamic basil from Mike Lanigan's farm.


Local biodynamic cucumbers from Earth Haven.


Local organic hot peppers from farmer John Morgado, August 20th, 2016.


Photo above: Edie with a puzzle of poster cow "Baby" from farmer Mike Lanigan's "Farmhouse Garden Animal Home". Photo February 2017. The puzzle was made by new Village Market vendor Mark Kolb, of "Brainy Games".



Edith (left) and Mike (right) are working together to convert Mike's farm into an animal sanctuary where farm animals can life out their natural lives while contributing their manure to Mike's biodynamic compost for the garden. So far they've been getting a lot of interest from major media such as Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post and Global TV. Edith has already raised $2,000 to help get the project off the ground.


Local biodynamic dandelion greens grown by farmer Mike Lanigan. Photo Oct. 29, 2016






18-yr old Chelsea Belli, extolling the virtues of her mother's prize-winning raw sheep milk cheeses.

Jim and Maureen Giffen's locally grown greenhouse organic spinach, all winter long

Two of the Market's Greenbelt farmers, Mike Lanigan and Julie Belli, blow out the candles on our 10th anniversary Greenbelt cake on Feb 28.


A Seedy Saturday visitor works with Maren Drees to help weave the community carpet. Below: Some gardeners from Hesperus (a nearby elder community), at Seedy Saturday, Mar 7, 2015



Wayne Russell was lucky to get one of the last sheepskin hats Gennady Shofman made -- about a month ago. Like everyone else he was sad to hear about Gennady's passing (Dec. 1). Gennady is survived by his mother and his son


Former Markham Councillor Erin with her baby at the Village Market January 10th, 2015



Lemon cucumbers, eggplants, Sept 2014


Achim Mohssem-Beyk's pepper and tomatoes



New no-parking area to south of kindergarten

Henk Verhoeven is one of the EIGHT local organic farmers and growers at the Village Market

That Otter keep him warm -- Farmer Mike Lanigan shows off the new Otter hat Village Market fur goods vendors Gennady Shofman made for him

  Left: That Otter keep him warm -- Village Market farmer Mike Lanigan in two different hats, both made by Gennady Shofman. On the the left, a muskrat hat in a photo from 2007, on the right, an Otter hat in a photo from last Saturday, February 8th, 2014. And on the far right, eggs from rare heritage breeds of chickens, from Country Meadows.

Left: photo of Morgan and Ryanna as seen on Our Kids blog story about Morgan at the Market

  Village Market poster girl Doris Fin (left) shares a moment with green smoothie maker Hulda Gislason at the Oct 26th market. Right: Doris at the Market on 11-11-11. In addition to her interest in healthy food, Doris is a world traveler. Now she's off to Ecuador again, which is where she got the colourful sweater she's wearing in these photos. Doris had just returned from Ecuador in November 2011, when we took the photo on the right. Read about Doris' travels and recipes on her blog:  
  Above: Lukas Steinbrenner (left) with his sister and mother. Several people have been asking when the Steinbrenners would return. They expect to be here regularly as long as weather's not too scary for mom to drive. Joe Malfara is back from Brazil with photos of "orbs"
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  Above: Village Market farmers Linda and Angelo Kapeleris' heritage turkeys were featured in a Toronto Star story Dec 14. Click images to go to story.

Eva Cabaca with her new book at Village Market


Above: The Village Market table at the June 5, 2011 Healthy Living Show at the North Thornhill Community Centre in the Thornhill Woods development, just west of the Market.


This will be the last baking workshop with Vitold that we will be offering at the Market, for at least the next year or so. Don't miss out on your chance to learn the ways of healthy baking from a consummate expert like Vitold. We added this last class because of a request from a customer who had somehow missed hearing about Vitold's three previous workshops.Register with Chaim Gilad at the Market. $25

  Village Market farmer Mike Lanigan demonstrates "scuffling" during farm tour near Uxbridge. Pumpkins & Squash from Achim Mohssem-Beyk

  Above: Farmer Jim Giffen's greenhouse greens have been a big draw all winter long.  


Left: A larger version of one of the photos from the Our Kids blog story about Morgan at the Market.




Jim Giffen and helper from Edencrest harvesting winter greenhouse greens for the Village Market. That's snow up against the greenhouse wall.






  Above: scan of a recent photo story that appeared in the November 25, 2010 edition of the Thornhill Liberal.  

Musician Ben Tersigni often plays at the Village Market


Organic tomatoes from farmer Achim Mohssem-Beyk, August 12th

Dael Wilson, Mr. Apple himself, brings fresh juice and other apple products to the Village Market


Mike Lanigan's Amaranth (aka Callalou) is popular with the Carribean crowd.

Mike Lanigan's chives and other green herbs.


Joe Born's carrots, both organic "Purple Haze" and normal organic orange carrots, August 12th



Left: Kevin and his son Colum shop for vegetables at Mike Lanigan's table at the Village Market August 26th.


Achim Mohssem-Beyk's organic lettuce August 26th


Village Market baker Vitold Kreutzer with some of his wares at the Market.


Above: Bruce Douville at the keyboard


Farmer Mike Lanigan's farm tour Sept 10, 2006

Village Market farmer Mike Lanigan leading a tour of his farm Sept. 10, 2006


Farmer Mike Lanigan sits a spell and talks to customer Michelle Brannan and her daughter in our new cafe space at the Village Market. We've created a food court ouside the kitchen and have eating tables all up the middle of the main Market space where people can relax and visit with one another.

Mike Lanigan's award winning fresh garlic

Melanie Martin with her handmade porcelein dolls. We're not sure when she'll be back next.


Above: Rare volunteer heritage cucumbers from Linda Kapeleris' greenhouse

Cellist Lyndon Kirkley live at the Village Market


Above: Violinist Beatrice Hodgkins, performing live at the Village Market


Above: fresh green onion and wild leek from Achim Mohssem-Beyk, May 4th, 2013


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  Guitar teacher and TWS alumnus Ed Crabtree performing live at the Village Market.

Farm Apprenticeship Opportunities:

The Village Market's main supplier of fresh organic produce, Mike Lanigan, is offering apprenticeship opportunites this summer on his farm near Uxbridge. Mike's apprenticeship program will be part of the Kawartha area node of C.R.A.F.T. -- which is Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training.

One of Mike's apprentices from last year was Jamie Milne (above), who had recently completed his Masters degree in Ecology at University of Waterloo. Jamie's partner, Sasha, who was also apprentice last summer, was just finishing her Master's degree in plant science at McGill University in Montreal.

But you don't need a university degree to apprentice at Mike's farm, just a willingness to learn and to work hard. Talk to Mike at the Village Market for details.


Local Organic Strawberries from Dael Wilson


Above: Wooden toymaker Armand Grandinetti at our upstairs Candlelight Vendors Market in December 2010



Above: Sabrina and Braz, Dec. 2011

  Above: For best results, feed your child organically-grown vegetables, eggs, dairy and meats from local farmers.  
  That's Jim Giffen and a helper harvesting salad turnips to be sold at the Village Market. This is one of several unheated greenhouses in which Jim raises winter greens for the people who shop at the Market.  


  Above: Jamie Milne, who apprenticed at Mike Lanigan's farm last summer, standing in a patch of Jerusalem artichokes. Talk to Mike at the Market about apprenticeship opportunities for the 2011 growing season. And read more about organic apprenticeships and the C.R.A.F.T. program on the C.R.A.F.T. Ontario website Raw Chef Francesco Comito with some of his prepared raw delicacies.

Organic lettuce from Farmer Mike Lanigan.


Jack Baghboudrian is also a jeweller

  Above: Giant Mangel Wurzel (orange beet) grown by farmer Mike Lanigan, autumn 2010 Above: Delicious soup made from farmer Mike Lanigan's Mangel Wurzel by Michael Earle.
  Above and above right: Urban Harvest will also be here through June with bedding plants and seeds.  

  Above: Organic farmer Linda Kapeleris from Queensville, with greenhouse strawberries and strawberry transplants, already on May 7th. Linda will be here all through May and into June with bedding plants like tomatoes and herbs. Chair Massage Practitioner Honey Coleman

  Left: Mike talks about the flowers and the bees. Above: Mary, the Village Market's reflexologist

Above: Consuelo McAlister of local buttons was at the Market selling hand made vests March 17th, 2012



From Mrs. Abbas' cooking class Sept. 24th

  Above: Urban Harvest table is busy with home gardeners stocking up on tomato and herbs (May-June 2012)



Farm Tour -- Mike Lanigan's 2012 farm tour will take place on July 15th at 2:30 pm.


Margaret Mackintosh, maker of Beaulance skin care products is at the Village Market most Saturdays. Picture above is from the 2011 Waldorf Fair.


Above: Mary, of "Sole to Soul" reflexology.

Local organic greenhouse cucumbers from farmer Jim Giffen at the Market June 2012.


Above: June 2012 -- local organic heritage tomatoes from Village Market farmer Country Meadows (Queensville).


Garlic scapes at the Market June 2012.


Above: Strawberries and farmer-made yogurt treat rom farmer Linda Kapeleris (Country Meadows).


Farmer Henk Verhoeven grills corn and burgers


Plums from Achim Mohssem-Beyk, this summer.



Mother and daughter at the Market, July 2012


Knitter Helga Rudolph Dec 15

  Left: Farmer Maureen Giffen was back from the hospital and feeling better at the Jan 5 Village Market Right: New bakers Maria and Cindy's Market debut Jan 5
  Lucky kids whose parents know what's good for them to eat. Photos from December 2011 at the Village Market. Twas the season for fur accessories