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Upcoming Special Events: Updated Jan 7, 2017

  Winter 2018 Special Events:
  January 13th, 2018 - Free puppet show - Title to be announced, 10:30 am in the TWS Kindergarten, up one level from the Village Market. Suitable for children age 3 and up. Duration: 15-20 minutes. These free puppet shows are usually on the first Saturday of the month but January 2018 is an exception.

Past Events:


Supporters of New Life Sponsorship
Get-together at Village Market!

In the spirit that raised in cash $31,830 from 29 Hesperus individuals and 6 TWS families, and the $460 proceeds from the 2015 Shepherds’ Play to sponsor and support the Syrian Khalaf family: Mazen, Dina, Mohamad (13), Ibrahim (10) & Youssef (10), as well as additional several thousands in gifts-in-kind from additional community members and the Newmarket family who had the original contact and are now primary contacts for them, we selected the perfect spot for a celebratory gathering at…

The Village Market!

Q. why you ask? A. a conservative guestimate 98.9% of the sponsorship supporters are Village Market customers and will have the opportunity to stock up on healthy foods after all the feasting as well as meeting the family and our special guest.

Joining us around 11 am will be Deb Schulte, Liberal MP for King-Vaughan, who helped us get us unstuck from red tape and kept us informed in our navigation of Citizenship and Immigration. Deb a former aeronautical engineer, environmental activist, and Regional Councilor for Vaughan.

We are celebrating the half year mark of the family's settlement in Canada as well as our opportunity to help. Mazen is working part-time. He and Dinah are attending English classes at the Welcome Center. The children are at school.  Come meet and greet the Khalaf family, Deb Schulte, while catching up with friends and doing your weekend shopping.

Saturday, January 6, 2018 - 10am – 1 pm
Surely there is no better way to start the New Year!

  December 16th, 2017 - Puppet show - Performances at 10:30 am and 11:30 am. Further details on the poster above. Duration 20-25 minutes.
  December 2nd, 2017 - Free puppet show - "Squirrel's Winter Home", 10:30 am in the TWS Kindergarten, up one level from the Village Market. Suitable for children age 3 and up. Duration: 15-20 minutes.


Candlelight Craft Market Vendors (so far) for Nov. 18th, 2017, upstairs in the TWS lobby, 8 to 1:30

MAKER: Mrs Kulsoom Abbas will be selling her cookbooks and chutneys.

MAKER: Mrs Abbas' granddaughters will be selling handmade felt and yarn crafts.

MAKER: Nina Haynos makes wooden peg dolls and other toys.

MAKER: Lili Golbous (2) makes handbags, scarves, and other textile products.

MAKER: Yelena Poghasyan makes felted Waldorf style dolls and play figures.

RESELLER: Manori (2) sells colourful Indian-style scarves and other textile products.

MAKER: Bita Bazgosha makes organic soaps and personal care products.

MAKER: Jack Baghboudian makes and sells original fine art jewellery.

MAKER: Deb Pedlar will be bringing handmade toffee and other candy made with organic ingredients. Deb will be here for the Nov. 18th Candlelight Craft Market, but her table will be downstairs on the main level of the Market.

Vendors who would like to take part are invited to first contact the Market at info@villagemarket.ca and then register and pay online using this form.

  November 4th, 2017 - Free puppet show - Title to be announced, 10:30 am in the TWS Kindergarten, up one level from the Village Market. Suitable for children age 3 and up. Duration: 15-20 minutes.


  October 7th, 2017 - Free puppet show - "A Prickly Surprise", 10:30 am in the TWS Kindergarten, up one level from the Village Market. Suitable for children age 3 and up. Duration: 15-20 minutes.
  FREE PUPPET PLAY FOR Sept 2, titled "Blueberry Birthday featuring The Old Gnome", on the first Saturday of September, Sept. 2nd, at 10:30 am in the Toronto Waldorf School kindergarten. Duration: 20 minutes. Suitable for children age 3 and up.

Speech and our Human Future August 30th:

Village Market customer and philosopher Mark McAlister will be giving a lecture and recitation on August 30th on the topic of "Speech and Our Human Future".

  FREE PUPPET PLAY FOR June 1st, titled "A Fairy Cradle", will be performed by former Toronto Waldorf School Early Childhood teacher, Dianne Goldsmith. This event will take place in one of the Toronto Waldorf School kindergartens. Suitable for children aged 3 and older. Duration: 15 to 20 minutes.

FREE PUPPET PLAY FOR May 13th, titled "Caterpillar Friend", will be performed by former Toronto Waldorf School Early Childhood teacher, Dianne Goldsmith. This event will take place in one of the Toronto Waldorf School kindergartens. Suitable for children aged 3 and older. Duration: 15 to 20 minutes.

  FARM TOUR AT JIM GIFFEN'S on Sunday June 4th, 2017, will take place at Edencrest Farms near Minesing northwest of Barrie. Jim didn't have a tour last year and Mike Lanigan is not having a tour in 2017, though he is having periodic visiting days for his Farmhouse Garden Animal Home.
  Garden-Plant Month will run all throughout May and possibly into the first or second week of June 2017. Featuring local organic growers Linda Kapeleris and Urban Harvest. Offerings will include herb plants, vegetable transplants, and heritage varieties of tomato plants. No tickets required for admission. All during the regular Village Market hours of 8 to 1:30, Saturdays only.


CHRISTMAS CRAFT MARKET DEC 17 wlll feature craft vendors upstairs in the TWS lobby, face painting and two performances of a puppet play (at 10:30 and 11:30) , in addition to all the usual farmers and vendors at the Village Market downstairs.

Vendors for December 17th Christmas Craft Market (so far):

Kathie Young (felted gnomes)

Noor Razvi (knitted items)

Nina Haynos (wooden peg dolls and accessories)

Mrs. Abbas (cookbooks)

Bob Bainborough (beeswax candles)

Kango (handmade soap, Libre tea bottles) -- downstairs

Mila Tzur (photo greeting cards)

Elyse Pomeranz (fairies etc)

Lili Golbous (handmade textile items including purses)

Wholesome Generation (Ayurvedic products)

Lena Poghosyan (Waldorf dolls and needle felted items)

Roots of Tibet (Crafts from Tibet and Nepal)

PLUS LIVE MUSIC from Cameron Birnie and from violin students of Gretchen Anner and flute students of Anne-Marie Kopp -- most of whom attend the Toronto Waldorf School

  November 5 - A Home For the Winter, 10:30 am in the Cedar kindergarten at TWS

NOVEMBER 12TH CANDLELIGHT CRAFT MARKET will take place upstairs in the TWS lobby during regular Village Market hours of 8 am to 1:30 and, in addition to the items mentioned on the poster above, will also feature free face painting and a free puppet show. The full regular Village Market will also be taking place downstairs on that day, with all the usual farmers and vendors in attendance.

Vendors for November 12th (so far):

Lili Golbous (handmade textile items including purses)

Noor Ravzi (knitted items)

Isis Haynos (wooden peg dolls and accessories)

Mrs. Abbas (cookbooks)

Bob Bainborough (beeswax candles)

Michelle Messina (Kango) (handmade soap, Libre tea bottles)

Mila Tzur (photo greeting cards)

Elyse Pomeranz (fairies etc)

Manori (Indian textiles, scarves, etc.)

Birgitta Adrian-Morley (healthy cosmetics)

Wholesome Generation (Ayurvedic products)


Candlelight Craft Market Vendors for Nov. 12th (Upstairs in TWS Lobby)

Lili Golbous (handmade textile items including purses)

Noor Ravzi (knitted items)

Isis Haynos (wooden peg dolls and accessories)

Mrs. Abbas (cookbooks)

Bob Bainborough (beeswax candles)

Michelle Messina (Kango) (handmade soap, Libre tea bottles)

Mila Tzur (photo greeting cards)

Elyse Pomeranz (fairies etc)

Manori (Indian textiles, scarves, etc.)

Birgitta Adrian-Morley (healthy cosmetics)

Wholesome Generation (Ayurvedic products)


NEWS RELEASE: Pioneering GTA Farmers Market Celebrates 25 Years October 29th

Farmers markets have come a long way in the GTA since the Village Market first opened its doors in October of 1991. Back then bringing local organic farmers to the city — so health conscious consumers could buy farm produce direct from the source — was a novel idea.

Now, 25 years later, in 2016, there are more than 30 farmers markets in Toronto alone, and both organic farming and the appeal of farmers markets are both increasingly embraced by the food buying public.

Special Anniversary Attractions

This Saturday’s Oct. 29th, In addition to the usual ten local organic and biodynamic farmers and twenty or so other vendors, the Village Market will feature some special attractions to help celebrate the Market’s 25th anniversary.

These include free face painting for children (from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm), a free puppet play for children (10:30 am), live music from Cameron Birnie (from 9:30 am), and chocolate cake (which is also raw vegan and gluten-free) for the first 150 people (around 11:00 am).

About the Village Market

Located in the Toronto Waldorf School, at 9100 Bathurst Street, the Village Market also features — in addition to all the farmers — a sit-down cafe with both raw vegan and carnivore-friendly options, a gluten-free baker, a massage therapist, natural cosmetic, soap and clothing vendors, and whole grain breads made with organic ingredients.

Thanks to its indoor location, the Village Market can remain open all year round. Some of the Village Market farmers grow local organic sprouts and baby greens all year round in heated greenhouses. Meats, eggs, and root vegetables (grown by the market farmers) that have been stored from the summer’s harvest are also available all winter. One farmer does carry some imported organic produce to supplement what’s available locally.

Farmers come to the Village Market from area communities such as Uxbridge, Brampton, Guelph, Port Hope, Tweed, Grand Valley, Cookstown and Barrie. Most farm within a one or two hour drive of Thornhill.

The Village Market was founded as what, today, we’d call a “social enterprise”, with the dual mission of encouraging organic and biodynamic farming, while also providing a non-tuition-based income stream to help support independent Waldorf education at the Toronto Waldorf School (TWS), a registered charity.

According to the school’s website, the Village Market has providing the TWS with more than $250,000 in funding, since it was founded in 1991, and it continues to help fund the school in the amount of $25,000 a year.

The Story of One Village Market Farmer

After a career in forestry and bush-piloting in Northern Ontario, Mike Lanigan took over the farm near Uxbridge that he had grown up on, and turned his hand to market gardening. It was his wife’s idea to go organic, but Mike took it up and ran with it, and he’s kept at it all these years, even though his neighbours thought he was nuts for shying away from commonly used chemical sprays and fertilizers. Back in 1994 when Mike started, organic farming was considered pretty radical.

In addition to building up his own farm business to the point where it now supports his own family and his two grown sons who work with him on the farm, Mike has also been instrumental in bringing the Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Traning (C.R.A.F.T. ) program to the Kawartha region.

Through his participation in this program, Mike has trained many young apprentices in the ways of organic farming.. Mike is also a regular guest lecturer in the Sustainable Agriculture program at Fleming College in Peterborough.

From Beef Farm to Animal Sanctuary

Farmer Mike’s been in the news a lot lately because of his recent decision to convert his 20-cow beef operation into an animal sanctuary. It was one of Mike’s young farm helpers, Edith Barabash, who inspired Mike to take that leap of faith.

Edith is working with Mike on fundraising and on setting up a legal structure to support the project, while continuing her undergraduate studies in Environmental Science at York University. Edith also works for Mike at the Village Market most Saturdays, putting out vegetables and serving customers.

  STORY TIME FOR OCTOBER 1st wil be a puppet play by Dianne Goldsmith title "Blueberry Birthday". This event will take place in one of the Toronto Waldorf School kindergartens.

About the Festival of Michaelmas

Michaelmas is a autumn seasonal festival related to the archangel Michael, who, according to Rudolf Steiner, is the spirit of our time, manifesting in cultural trends such as a cosmopolitan outlook on life, in which various cultures share with one another.

Of course the primary theme of Michaelmas, as illustrated by the story of Michael (or St. George) and the dragon, is about finding a right relationship to adversary forces.

Although it's not been widely celebrated in North America, Michaelmas, the feast of the archangel Michael on Sept. 29th, has long been part of the liturgical calendar of churches at least as far back as medieval times, so it's not so new.

In anthroposophical circles, Michaelmas is celebrated as one of the main festivals of the year, along with Christmas, Easter, and St. John's (midsummer). Accordingly, there are many Michaelmas-themed events scheduled for the next two weeks around the Toronto Waldorf School campus.


STORY TIME FOR September 3 - with Dianne Goldsmith, suitable for children 3 and older. Details to be announced. Likely this will be a puppet play. 10:30 am in the Cedar Kindergarten at the Toronto Waldorf School. No charge for admission.

  STORY TIME FOR August 27 - with Elisabeth Chomko, suitable for children 3 and older. 10:30 am in the Cedar Kindergarten at the Toronto Waldorf School. No charge for admission. Elisabeth Chomko has been a Waldorf teacher at the Toronto Waldorf School for 22 years and is currently on the Board of TWS. She has also worked in both the Toronto and the York Region District School Boards for the past ten years, and was on the advisory council for the Equinox school in downtown Toronto.
  STORY TIME FOR August 20 - Story by Rajina Lopez, suitable for children 3 and older. 10:30 am in the Cedar Kindergarten at the Toronto Waldorf School. No charge for admission.
  STORY TIME FOR August 13 - Puppet Show by Dianne Goldsmith, Retired TWS Kindergarten Teacher, "The Sparrow That Few Too Far", suitable for children 3 and older.
  STORY TIME WITH WALDORF TEACHER JULIE FOLINO -- 10:30 am Aug. 6th in the Cedar Kindergarten room at the Toronto Waldorf School. This week's story will be "Nixie of the Mill Pond" and it's suitable for children from 3 to 7.


Farmer Mike Lanigan WILL host a farm tour Sunday July 31th at 2:30 pm at his farm near Uxbridge Ontario. So mark your calendar for that date. (Note the tour was earlier announced for July 17th. Now it's been changed to the 31st.). See poster below for more information.



Farmer Mike Lanigan has hosted a farm tour at his Uxbridge-area farm for Village Market customers every year, going back at least to 2005.

And of course Mike started as a farmer at the Village Market long before that. As I recall, it was in the summer of 1994 when Mike first drove down to the Market in a beat up old Chevy Impala sedan with that first load of vegetables from his farm.

The story Mike tells is that he didn't make enough money selling vegetables that day, to pay for the gas to drive to the Market and back. But he kept on going with the farming and the Market, and if you've seen his stall at the Market lately, you'll know he's come a long way since those humble beginnings.

The photo in the poster above is from last year's 2015 farm tour. As usual, Mike's tour will feature educational stories and demonstrations with the audience seated on hay wagons which are pulled around by tractors or horses to various points of interest in the farm and garden.

If past years are anything to go by, the tour will last something in the order of two hours or more when all is said and done.

Rules for the day are: no pets, no sales, one tour only, rain or shine. There is no charge for participation in this event, and parking along Scugog Line 12 (along the north edge of Mike's farm) will also be free on the day of the tour.

If you are interested in participating in the Feast of the Ages that will also be happening on Mike's farm that same day, talk to Jen S at the Market or phone her at 647-559-6901. If she's at the Market she'll likely be located at a small table near the south hallway door most Saturdays. You can also contact her through the feastoftheages.com website.

The Feast is an independent community initiative, 100% orchestrated by volunteers. It's not organized by the Village Market or by Mike Lanigan. Please note however that food at this event will not be all organic, although Mike Lanigan is contributing vegetables from his garden, so those will be biodynamic.

Once again, if you would like to become involved please contact Jen S at 647-559-6901, or talk to her at the Market, or use the contact form on the feastoftheages.com website.

  STORY TIME WITH JENNIFER SPARKS FOR CHILDREN 2 TO 6, July 30 -- "The Billy Goat in the Garden". Jennifer Sparks is a graduate of the Birth to Three Program at the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto. Location: Cedar Kindergarten in the Toronto Waldorf School. Time: 10:30 am. Duration: 15 minutes.
  STORY TIME WITH ELYSE POMERANZ FOR KIDS 3 AND OLDER -- this Saturday July 23, at 10:30 am, in the Cedar Kindergarten at the Toronto Waldorf School. Elyse Pomeranz was worked as a Waldorf teacher and currently leads tree conversation workshops. Photo below of Elyse communing with a Swedish Oak tree, is from her website: http://www.thetreeconversations.com/ Elyse is preparing an, as yet untitled, original story for this occasion, which will be about 15-20 minutes long.
  JULY 16TH STORY TIME - Retired Waldorf teacher Dianne Goldsmith will present the puppet play titled "The Sea Shell" at 10:30 am in the Cedar Kindergarten at the Toronto Waldorf Schoo. Suitable for ages 3 and up.
  JULY 9TH STORY TIME - Retired Waldorf teacher Elisabeth Chomko will tell a story from : Sweden, titled "The Seven Wishes" (by A. Smedberg). Suitable for children 6 to 9. Twenty minutes duration. In the Cedar Kindergarten at TWS.
  JULY 2ND STORY TIME - Isabella Seabra will tell the story of "The Sparrow and his Four Children" from the Brothers Grimm. Suitable for children 5 and older. Fifteen minutes duration.
  JUNE 25TH STORY TIME - Told by Les Black, retired Toronto Waldorf School Lower School Class Teacher will tell the Hans Anderson story of "Big Claus and Little Claus". Suitable for ages 6-9. Location: Cedar kindergarten at TWS. Read about Les Black
  JUNE 18TH STORY TIME - Puppet Show: "Grandmother & The Fairy Cradle" told and performed by Dianne Goldsmith, retired TWS kindergarten Teacher. Ages 3 to 7. 20 minutes. Location: Cedar kindergarten classroom on main level at the Toronto Waldorf School. Photo below of June 18th story time:
  STORY TIME THIS SATURDAY JUNE 11TH @ 10:30 AM Fairy tale: Snow-White and Rose-Red from the Brothers Grimm, told by Corinna Sons, Class of 2016 Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto Teacher Education graduate and next year's Toronto Waldorf School Grade One Teacher. Suitable for ages 4+. Story duration: 20 minutes. Thanks to Katie Ketchum for helping organize story time and thanks to Corinna Sons for telling this week's story. There is no charge for attending these story time sessions and you don't need to pre-register. Just show up. Location: Community Room off the south hallway on the lower level, leading to the main Village Market space.

Join us at the Puppet Festival Saturday May 28th from 10am to 12:30pm!

There will be 5 short rotating puppet shows around our campus including Masha and the Bear, The 3 Billy Goats Gruff, The Friends, Sunday Bread & The Flower Pot from 10am - 12pm. Intended for ages up to 9 and everyone who is young at heart. No ticket is required.

The grand finale of the festival is the performance of a marionette show: Briar Rose at 12pm. This show is intended for ages 3 to 9. Limited Spaces - RSVP IS REQUIRED for THIS show only. 1 ticket is good for 1 CHILD & 2 ADULTS. This performance will take place in the Eurythmy room, which is on the main floor of the school but towards the end of the new wing -- ie not part of the round building. Take the hallway leading west off the hallway of the round building on the main floor to get there. There should be signs. Get your free tickets now...

The Puppet Festival is the first event of the free weekly STORY TIME on Saturdays that is open to parents with young children in partnership with the Village Market. Story Time info can be found here...

• Puppet Festival: Saturday, May 28, 10:00am - 12:30pm
• Story time: Every Saturday, 10:30am thereafter (length varies)

Free and open to the public


Gateways conference for parents and educators April 15-17

Don’t miss the weekend conference on Raising Healthy, Creative and Resilient Children from April 15 – 17. Participants will learn how to support the growing child and how families and communities contribute to the healthy development of all children at the talks and workshops. There will also be many local experts joining us to offer workshops on Saturday. Co-hosted by Lifeways Ontario and the Toronto Waldorf School



Seedy Saturday at the Village Market April 2, 2016

This coming Saturday, April 2, from 8 am to 1:30 pm, local gardeners are invited to a Seedy Saturday which will be held in conjunction with the Village Market, an organic farmers market at the Toronto Waldorf School, 9100 Bathurst St., one light south of Rutherford Rd.

Seedy Saturday seed exchange tables and vendors will be set up in the school lobby, with the Village Market downstairs. There will also be Seedy Saturday seminars in the music room, starting at 10 am. Seminar topics will include seed saving, sustainable gardening, and dealing with the physical challenges of gardening work.

This is the second year Seedy Saturday is taking place at the Toronto Waldorf School in cooperation with the Village Market. And it’s the fourth year that York Region Food Network has been running Seedy Saturday events in Thornhill / Vaughan. Seedy Saturday events like this take place all across Canada about this time of year, coordinated by Seeds of Diversity (seeds.ca), an NGO that supports sustainable gardening practices.

The York Region Food Network runs community garden programs, lunch and breakfast and food box programs, and works on food policy issues throughout the Region (yrfn.ca). The Village Market is a year round organic farmers market, open Saturdays only, from 8 am to 1:30 pm, with about 10 local farmers, as well as cafe food vendors, health practitioners and other health and food related vendors (villagemarket.ca).


Also on March 2nd as part of the Village Market, Alessandra Morrasuti will be downstairs in the community room giving introductory presentations about the Damanhur spiritual and artistic community in Italy, and demonstrating a device which enables plants to make music through an electronic interface.

More Details about the Seedy Saturday Event

Thornhill, ON – March 15, 2016 – The Fourth Annual York Region Seedy Saturday garden event will be held in Thornhill - an opportunity for all those interested in gardening to dig in and start planning their gardening season. Discover the “swap table”, where participants can bring seeds from last year’s crop to trade with others. Whether they’re rare heirloom seeds or more popular varieties, there will be seeds to swap and buy, with expert Master Gardeners available to provide hands-on advice and tips. In addition to the community seed exchange and garden vendors (seeds, tools, accessories, ornaments), there will be speaker presentations and workshops to round out your gardening knowledge.

Whether you are a home-owner with a yard, an apartment dweller with a balcony box, or an urban farmer growing edibles for market, every garden starts with the planted seeds. Starting with the right seed can help ensure that the garden is a healthy and bounteous one.

"Seedy Saturday" is a national event held across Canada, originally started 20 years ago by Seeds of Diversity , a volunteer organization that conserves the biodiversity and traditional knowledge of food crops and garden plants. The idea has blossomed and this year dozens of events are happening across Canada as the passion to dig in and get planting continues to grow.

The Village Market and the Toronto Waldorf School, are graciously supporting the fourth York Region Seedy Saturday. Organized by a collaborative working group led by York Region Food Network.

Come and experience Seedy Saturday, where good food takes root!

Speakers’ Schedule for Seedy Saturday 2016

10:00am Jane Kabarguina – Simple Ways to Heal Gardeners’ Pain

Description: We all love gardening. It keeps our mind sharp, awakens sense of beauty and gives peace to our soul. Unfortunately, it also gives us some physical pain when we stay in the same position for a while or repeat the same movements over extended period of time. Learn simple ways to heal yourself from sciatica, nerve pinching and other problems and get back to what you love to do!

11:00am Robert Patterson – Bringing Health and Taste Into Your Life

This workshop looks at the practical elements of sustainable vegetable production – the characteristics of plants, where and when you can grow food, growing options for your living and working environment.

This session will convince you that anyone can grow the freshest food, anywhere, and enjoy the D-I-Y benefits of Health and Taste.

12pm Jacob Kearey-Moreland – Seed Libraries and the Importance of Seed Saving

Jacob Kearey-Moreland is a gardener, journalist, public speaker, musician, community organizer and human rights defender. Peas & Lovage in SOILidarity!


Photo above from the 2015 Seedy Saturday



Damanhur, which means "City of Light", is a self-sustaining, ecological spiritual community in Piedmont, Italy, founded in 1975. They are known worldwide for having build " The Temples of Humankind", considered the 8th Wonder of the World. There courses and lectures are now being offered in Toronto for anyone who is interested in building conscious community to more esoteric studies. Join us to find out more.

"This week, a special guest from The Ecovillage of Piracanga, in Brazil", Thomas Bisinger.

  Puppet Play Sat. March 19th, suitable for children 3 to 9, 11 am
  Above: Story about the Christmas Market that appeared in the Richmond Hill Liberal Thursday Dec. 17, 2015.

Christmas Market Saturday December 19th:

CHRISTMAS MARKET at the Village Market -- Wooden toys, beeswax candles, natural crafts, free face painting for children 9 to 12, food prep demo with chef Doris Fin, 9 to 10, performances by guitarist Edward Crabtree, and the Christian Community Children's Choir. Plus the usual local organic veggies, meats, eggs, bread and fruits etc. Saturday Dec. 19, 8:00 am to 1:30 pm.

Here are some photos from the Village Market's Nov. 14 Candlelight Craft Market. Many of these same vendors are returning for our Dec. 19th Christmas Market. So if you missed Nov. 14th, or want to shop again from these fine crafts people, be here Dec. 19th, between 8 and 1:30.

Event Schedule for Dec. 19th

• Vendors open for business from 8 to 1:30
• Doris Fin's food demo in the west end of the main market area 9 to 10
• Christian Community Children's Choir upstairs 10:30
• Christian Community Children's Choir downstairs 11:00
• Face Painting for children upstairs 9-12
• Ed Crabtree plays music downstairs, between the other events there

  Mrs. Abbas' granddaughter Noor, showing some of her wares to a young customer. Noor will be back Dec. 19th.

Christmas Market (Dec. 19th) Craft Vendors (so far):

MAKER: Elyse Pomeranz handmade fairies and necklaces made of beads gathered over a lifetime

MAKER: Mila Tzur -- original photo greeting cards

MAKER: Armand Grandinetti -- handmade wooden toys

MAKER: Isis -- handmade peg doll, and a few Lavender Blu items from her mom

MAKERS: Noor -- handmade knitted hats and accessories, Taskeen -- Noor's younger sister will also sell crafts

MAKER: Mrs Abbas -- cookbooks and lemon preserves

MAKER: Bob Bainborough -- beeswax candles

MAKER: Lili Golbous makes purses, broaches and other textile items.

RESELLER: Manori -- scarfs and other Indian textiles

MAKER: Denise Catalano -- handmade jewellery (downstairs market)

MAKER: Jack Baghboudrian makes custom jewellery (downstairs market)

MAKER: Emilie Shipman makes upcycled "Fabric Fun" textile items (downstairs market)

  A happy family from Aurora with a new dollhouse.
  Manori will be back Dec. 19th with more scarves and other Indian textiles.
  Wooden toymaker Armand Grandinetti will also be returning Dec. 19th with more of his wooden creations.

Waldorf teacher and face painting artist, Polina Isakharova, will be painting chidren's faces at the December 19th Christmas Market.

  Renowned Wholesome Chef Doris Fin will be inspiring us this Christmas with her delightful and nutritious raw vegan creations. She will demo easy and quick recipes you can prepare this holiday without the heat, meat or hassle of time. It's a good time to be at the market and learn what else is possible to nourish your family with.