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Farmers and Vendors at the Village Market Saturday Jan 20th

Open the whole year round!

Acorn squash fruit and flower, ripening on the vine at local biodynamic farmer Mike Lanigan's Farmhouse Garden Organics near Uxbridge, last summer. Now, in December, these squashes are at the Village Market.

Certified Organic or Biodynamic Farmers and Growers:

FARMER: Country Meadows Farm: Angelo and Linda sell organic olives and olive oil from Angelo's family farm in Greece, as well as dried mountain oregano. Angelo and Linda also raise fresh organic heritage vegetables and goats and turkeys at their local family farm near Queensville, Ontario. Country Meadows is usually at the Market every week.

FARMER: Jim Giffen, from Minesing (north of Barrie), is at the Market regularly. Jim has a mixed farm with animals and greenhouse baby greens all winter long. Plus root vegetables. Jim's farm is certified organic, both for vegetables and for meat.

FARMER: Mike Lanigan features a large selection of home-grown biodynamic vegetables from his farm near Uxbridge. The Village Market has asked Mike to also sell some imported organic fruit and produce to complete the selection during those times of year when a complete range of organic or biodynamic produce is not available locally.

FARMER: Peter Seenath, from Brampton, is at the Market regularly with certified organic vegetables from his garden. Peter is at the Market every week. In the winter he grows baby greens and arugula in his greenhouse.

FARMER: Earth Haven Biodynamic Farm from Tweed Ontario, raise vegetables, mushroooms and beef and publish a celestial planting calendar for gardeners and farmers. They also now run an educational centre on the farm.

Not-Certified Farmers and Growers:

FARMER: Secret Lands Farm sells Russian-style sheep milk cheese, kefir and yogurts made from the milk of their own sheep. Secret Lands farms near Proton Station, and is working towards organic certification.

FARMER: Bio-Visions Farm (Henk and Jin Verhoeven from Grand Valley) is usually at the Market every Saturday with local meats, vegetables and eggs from their farm near Grand Valley Ontario. Henk's farm is certified organic for hay and pasture, but not for meat.

FARMER: Gaille Lieberthal, from Guelph is usually at the Market offering an array of certified organic meats, (lamb, beef, chicken). dairy products, organic, raw milk cheeses, organic grains, coffee, baking, deli meats, maple syrup and more. A lot of what Gaille sells is not from her own farm and is certified organic. However the maple syrup, which is from her farm is not certified organic. Gaille also sells smoked local freshwater fish fillets from Ontario. This fish is recognized as sustainable by Ocean Wise. Orders taken at the Market and at: 905.854.2697.

FARMER: Mohammed Ali Zare, of Tally Bees farms and keeps bees near Port Hope. When Mohammed can't be here in person, Lili Golbous looks after his table.

Baking and Prepared Foods:

BAKER: Tan's Artisan Bakery is usually at the Market every week with their own original breads and treats.

CAFE: Mayda Baghboudrian usually has a range of mostly raw vegetarian entrees, salads and take-home items like hummus as well as raw cakes and other treats.

BAKER Vitold Kreutzer is at the market with breads, cookies and brownies, mostly made with organic ingredients. Vitold is rarely absent, even though he has a long drive to get here from the Owen Sound area. However, while Vitold is training his new puppy, Chaim Gilad will been bringing Vitold's bread down to the Market for him. We expect Vitold's bread to be at the Market every week now until Vitold takes two weeks off in February. Dates to be announced.

BAKER: Molly B's Gluten-Free Kitchen, at the market every week. ALL Molly B's products are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility and all are NON-GMO (registered in the Non-GMO verification program), using many certified organic ingredients. Baked products include: breads, buns, muffins, tarts, bites, cookies and more (all are nut-free, most are dairy-free, some vegan and sugar-free items available).

Makers, Resellers, Crafters and Therapists

RESELLER: Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil, Styrian Gold Natural Pumpkin Seeds, Cacao and Chocolate covered Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder and other related Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed products.  Locally, grown, Ontario Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Seeds and Hemp Protein Powder, Armin’s Homemade Sauerkraut when in season, Premium grade, Organic “Naked Coconut Oil” Original Himalayan Mountain Salt. Returning Jan. 20th.

RESELLER: Chaim Gilad will be at the Market just about every week with special coffee and other products containing beneficial mushroom extracts. Note: Most of Chaim's coffee is not organic, although there is one kind which is certified organic. The mushrooms used in some or all of the coffee are certified organic. When in doubt, ask Chaim.

RESELLER: Paul Ciaravella is usually at the Market every week with food supplement products and health books.

MAKER, RESELLER: Michelle Messina makes Kango naturals handmade soap and scrubs. She also distributes Libre tea glasses.

RESELLER: Honeycombe Botanicals is usually at the Market most weeks, selling beeswax products, from skin creams to pollen to candles. .

RESELLER: Mervyn Fogelman sells dried fruits and nuts from South Africa. Not certified organic. NEW: Mervyn also now sells samosas. Mervyn is usually at the Market every Saturday.

MAKER: Lili Golbous who makes textile crafts of various kinds, and now also leather items such as purses.

RESELLER: Lago of All sells African-style cotton clothes and fabric every Saturdays at the Market. Usually here every Saturday.

RESELLER : Wholesome Generation (Rose Verjee) is usually at the Market every Saturday and is a distributor of Ayurvedic and Moringa products. All the products are manufactured or packaged in Canada and are Health Canada approved. Rose also has an online store called Esme and Sita.

The following vendors will be away:

MAKER: Oli Ullmann makes body ecology diet fermented foods. Oli will be away on holidays in September. Schedule: Jan 6th, Jan 27th, Feb. 10th

THERAPIST: Marie Herrell is a practicing Osteopath who offers mini-treatments at the Market. Her specialty is treating allergies. Schedule: Jan 27th.

THERAPIST: Mary Taite of Soul to Sole Reflexology will be returning to the Village Market on an every-other-week schedule: To be determined

MAKER: Deb Pedler sells handmade chocolates and candlies, made with organic ingredients. Schedule: Easter

RESELLER: Osoleo (a.k.a. Dael Wilson) sources and sells local organic strawberries, raspberries, wild blueberries, apples and juice. Wild blueberries season ended October 7th. Local certified biodynamic apples from Appletop farm are in season now and Dael now often has fresh pressed apple juice. Schedule: Jan 2018

THERAPIST: Jeanne Inamco is now doing chair massage at the Village Market in the community room every other Saturday, though she's missed a lot of her scheduled days latelyfor various reasons. Schedule: February or March.

FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Anup Ruparelia will be at the Market to talk to people about ethical and green investing. Do you know what your money is doing? Schedule: TBA

MAKER: Jack Baghboudrian makes fine jewellery. Schedule: TBA

CAFE: Molly B's Gluten-Free Kitchen (Michael Earle)Come by for a delicious gluten-free breakfast or lunch -- breakfast pizzas, omelettes and more. Michael is takig a break til after New Years. Schedule: some time in January 2018

MAKER, THERAPIST: Birgitta Adrian-Morley is a registered Homeopath and a registered Holistic Nutritionist. She has recently introduced a new line of handmade cosmetics. Schedule: Feb. 10, March 10, April 14

MAKER: Huron Sun sunflower seed oils made from locally grown organic sunflower seeds. Schedule: Feb. 2018

MAKER: Triana Shaw makes and sells gift baskets with personal care products. Schedule: TBA

RESELLER: Christine Waddington sells Guatemalan bracelets, purses and other decorative textiles and artifacts. Schedule: May 2018.

FARMER: Linda Kapeleris: Linda and Angelo have had two extra tables with heritage and organic plants all through May. Look for her to come again with her local heritage and organic garden plants in May of 2018.

MAKER: Akemi of Akemi Designs handmakes gemstone fashion jewellery and felted wool and silk scarves.

FARMER: Urban Harvest: have been at the Market with their ever popular local organic garden plants and seeds all through May and now we can look forward to having them return in May of 2018.

MAKER: Mark Kolb of Brainy Games in Aurora, makes handmade family and educational games, puzzles and magnetic artifacts. These include laser-cut puzzles and word games, with some even being magnetic. Mark can also make custom games for home and school, as well as unique magnetic photo puzzles. Visit for more information. Schedule: TBA.

RESELLER: Lucas and Amanda Sorbara sell organic latte, cappuccino, and other forms of coffee, as well as tea and hot chocolate from their VW microbus coffee truck in the parking lot, when weather permits.

FARMER: Antonio Valente is an urban gardener growing organic flowers in Thornhill. Schedule: TBA

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Free Puppet Show Sat. Feb 3rd

NEXT FREE PUPPET SHOW FEB 3RD-- 10:30 am in TWS kindergarten. Suitable for age 3 up. Title to be announced. Presented by Dianne Goldsmith.

Henk Verhoeven's wife Jinn and her son Simon were among the few farmers who made in it on Jan. 6th when the temperatures were down to - 24.

Joe and Sunni from King City stocking up on farmer Mike Lanigan's field grown local organic spinach, November 25th, 2017.

About the Village Market

The Village Market is a social enterprise connecting organic and biodynamic farmers with consumers in York Region, and helping fund Waldorf education.

With more than 20 vendors including many local organic and biodynamic farmers,The Village Market offers an unusually wide selection of organic foods, from fresh greens to root vegetables, apples, fruits, milk, yogurt, beef, and chicken. We also feature a food-court style cafe with offerings from a number of different vendors of ready to eat food. While we strive to have only organic or biodynamic farmers, they are not all certified. Feel free to ask them about that. And while we ask prepared food vendors to use organic ingredients where possible, there may be some ingredients which are not organic. Once again, it's good to ask the vendors to be perfectly clear.

The Market is open Saturdays ONLY from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm, all year round except that we're closed after Christmas for one Saturday only.

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Live Music Calendar

Above: Cameron Birnie performs at the Village Market, with 5-yr-old Amira on the tambourine. Below: Paul Hodgkins and Susan Richard, who will be playing Dec. 23rd, 2017.

Jan 20 - Anatoly Zavyalov (photo below)
Jan 27- Singer / guitarist Phil Digby
Feb 11- Cameron Birnie (photo second above)
TBA - Susan Richard and Paul Hodgkins (above)

Above: Anatoly Zavaylov.. Below: Clara and Robin Moir on the Village Market stage.






Above: Local organic carrots grown by Brampton-area farmer Peter Seenath, November 2017.

Below: local organic farmer Jim Giffen replenishes his stock of home-grown greenhouse spinach (grown in earth), December 2017. On the right in the photo are Jim's greenhouse grown full size romaine lettuce.

Below: Farmer Jim Giffen's local organic baby salad mix, grown in the greenhouse on his farm. Dec. 2017

Below: Farmer Mike Lanigan with his spread of field-grown local organic spinach. Dec. 2017.

Below: Igor and Sophie from Secret Lands Farms, re-opening at the Village Market, December 2017

Below: Local biodynamic peppers grown by farmer Mike Lanigan, August 2017.






Above: Farmer Mike Lanigan shows off his excellent test results from an OMAFRA analysis of his vegetables. See scans of the test reults documents.
Above: both red and golden local organic beets from farmer Mike Lanigan and his sons, who farm near Uxbridge. Photo from July 15, 2017.

More and More Genetically Modified
content in Non-Organic Food Products
Sugar Beets are the Latest

New Study Shows (Surprise)
Organic Really is Better

Getting here by Transit

Getting to the Village Market by public transit from Toronto: Take the TTC Subway to Finch station. Then take the #88 (Bathurst) bus from Finch Station. Check the bus schedule at the York Region Transit (YRT) website. Get off at Teefy, cross Bathurst, and walk down from the Toronto Waldorf School's parking lot, down the footpath or down the drive to the school. The market is in the lower level of the school.

  .Above: As usual the Village Market is closed for one Saturday only, immediately after Christmas. We re-open Jan. 6th.

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